The Positions Your Partner Is Willing To Try In Bed May Reveal If They've Been Cheating, Study Shows

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Nowadays, there are countless studies surrounding the idea of how to catch a cheater in the act. From body language to new tech, figuring out if you're in a faithful relationship can be straight up overwhelming. Turns out, however, that one of the most intimate telltale sign takes place, ironically, in the bedroom — and no, we're not talking about the person your partner is having an affair with. Ashley Madison, the world’s leading married dating website, surveyed a sample of its members to find out how they get down between the sheets with their affair partner, how this compares to sex with their spouse, and how men and women differ when it comes to seeking pleasure.

It's important to note that affairs are often linked to sexual adventurousness, and as a result a willingness to try more "unconventional" sexual positions takes place. It's a sad fact, but it's true, guys! Ashley Madison explains:

"A lack of inhibition is much more common in extramarital encounters because they allow people to break out of their routine with someone they may or may not see again. That’s likely why 53% of respondents refrain from trying new sex positions with their spouse while 93% say they do try with their extramarital partner. It seems there is a greater willingness to infuse more adventure and creativity into their affair rather than their improving the sex inside their marriage."

This of course isn't to say that your girlfriend/wife bringing new "tricks" into the bedroom is cause for concern, but it's clear by the percentages below that there is a correlation to be made. When members were asked what position they prefer with their spouse, the more basic missionary position ranked highest (60%). Below, you'll find the result of favorite positions ranked with affair partners.

Top 5 Favorite Positions For Males

Top 5 Favorite Positions For Females

Again, just because your wife suggests doggy style, doesn't mean she's cheating on you! But, that being said, if you do start to notice a drastic change in bedroom behavior, specifically when it comes to positions, it might be time to have that difficult conversation. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, guys, we're just looking out for y'all!

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