Woman Named Chelsea Marr Is A Dead Ringer For Angelina Jolie (And No One's Complaining About That)

Gentleman, listen up!! We have an amazing announcement—turns out, Angelina Jolie has a beautiful Scottish twin. Not a real twin, but a close enough lookalike that we'll take it, blood-related or not.

Chelsea Marr doesn't have much info listed in her Instagram bio (which makes us like her even more) but we did some deep internet-diving and came up with this article from 2015. As per E! News—"I am extremely flattered to be compared to the amazing Angelina Jolie!" Marr said on Facebook. "Thank you to those of you who took the time to comment on these articles/Instagram/blogs etc some of the comments are so lovely and it is very admirable and quite refreshing actually to see girls (and guys) saying kind things even though they don't know me, so thank you so much!! Those that felt the need to say nasty things, I guess it is to be expected as it's the world we live in now unfortunately."

The link to her Facebook is no longer active, however, we've provided a ton of sexy AF pictures below for you to indulge in. Enjoy! Also, let's just hope while she's equally as beautiful as Ms. Jolie that she's a bit less...unhinged.

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