Terrifying Things From Your Childhood That Would Make You Laugh Now

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No matter how happy-go-lucky it may have been, everyone had their fair share of childhood fears. Some kids crapped their pants every time they saw a clown at a birthday party, others kept it cliché with imaginary monsters under the bed. No matter the fear, rest assured your parents hated your guts for waking them up every morning at 2 AM with your chicken-sh*t tears.

We thought it would be highly-entertaining to take a look back at some of these chill-inducing fears to see how we feel about them now. Most of the examples are pop culture related. Why? Because what unites large masses of people better than film and television — the desire for world peace? Psh, puh-lease.

Chucky The Doll


For most kids, Chucky The Doll was the harsh realization that their beloved stuffed animals and precious dolls were capable of coming alive and wreaking havoc all over the damn place — bloody havoc no less! Seriously, WTF was the writer of that God awful film thinking? We're talking to you, Don Mancini. You're a real jerk, you know that?

That being said, taking a look back the whole storyline was pretty freakin' laughable! Chucky wasn't even a foot tall. If you were so inclined you could kick that little diabolical ginger halfway across the room without breaking a sweat. Sure, he was always yielding some sort of lethal weapon, but whatever! Come at us, bro!

Pennywise (1990)


Stephen King is a brilliant dude, there's no denying that! We do however have to question if he's secretly some sort of sadistic f*ck who enjoys scaring the crap out of children. The man has quite literally been haunting people's dream with the creation of Pennywise for over for almost three decades.

The good news is is that the 2017 It remake proved Pennywise isn't quite as scary as he once was in our youth. In fact, kids today not only laugh at Pennywise, they make fun of him! Could you imagine? We were hiding under our beds and while they're sitting around tweeting about him. Boy, time's sure have changed.



If there was ever an author more terrifying than Stephen King, it was R.L. Stine — the stories he created were nightmarish. Forget getting goosebumps, most of us were ready to run for the hills after reading a single page. Worst than the books was the damn television series. It was ALWAYS on after school and the horrors of peer pressure had a way of forcing us kids to watch with friends.

Do y'all remember the episode where the girl put on that haunted mask and it adhered to her actual HUMAN FLESH?! NOPE. Not OK. How about the episode when the ventriloquist dummy came alive and started terrorizing people. That f*ckers name was Slappy The Dummy and he's haunted our dreams for years. We've gotten over it though — same logic as with Chucky, just kick his little wooden body across the room and call it a day!

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In A Dark, Dark Room And Other Scary Stories

Do you guys see that reading level label? Go ahead and take a close look. It says, "Reading 2 With Help." What it should really say is, "Reading 2 With Strong Undertones Of Death, Violence, And Evil Spirits." This book was single-handedly most children's introduction into the more paranormal elements of life.

Who could forget the girl who had to keep her head on her neck with a ribbon? If she took the ribbon off, her severed head came right off with it. SPOILER ALERT: that's how her story ends. It was a freakin' tragedy. Once the whole choker necklace fad came back in style a couple of months back, it pretty much ended our fear of this tale — fashion for the win!

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