Chinese Chicken Restaurant Under Investigation After Sexual Name Implies Hanging With Prostitutes

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A Chinese chicken chain is allegedly in a deep-fried mess over its sexually-implicit name, “Call a Chick," leading investigators to look into the manner.

According to Fortune, authorities in Shanghai are investigating the deep-fried chicken chain for possible violations of social order because both the name, and various menu items, carry a sexual undertone. The words Chick, or chicken, are slang for "prostitute" in Chinese.

The restaurant offered menu items that included “virgin chick” (spring chicken) and “chick’s sex partner” (beverages), among others. It also ran a suggestive promotion slogan titled “Satisfying all your expectations over chicks.”

According to the Fortune article, via Chinese Daily, investigators were warned of the restaurant after a woman complained to the media that her 8-year-old son kept asking about its meaning.

The Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau said it had launched an investigation, the newspaper said.

“The content involved could violate social order,” it quoted Li Hua, deputy director of the advertisement department of the bureau, as saying.

Laws ban advertisements that undermine public order or violate ethical standards. Offenders can face fines of up to 1 million yuan ($145,135) and have their business license revoked, the Shanghai Daily said.

While the company did apologize to the woman who first complained, as well as other customer who believed the name was "ill-suited," it did explain that the purpose behind the name was because it's targeting of 18 to 28-year-olds, but have since changed up the language in all marketing materials.

Who would've ever thought having such a PG-13 name would cause such an outrage? I'd hate for these people to know about my favorite restaurant, Wet Willy's.


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