Chipotle Burritos Just Got, Dare We Say It, Healthier

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For all you guys out there who feel guilty each and every time you stuff your face with a massive Chipotle burrito by getting all the fillings rolled into that tasty tortilla, the company announced some big news that might make it a little easier for you to house their food.

That's because Chipotle, which was recently named America's favorite fast food Mexican chain, according to an industry survey, just announced that all of its food is officially preservative free, which is an enormous shift in the fast food culture.

Following two years of research and development, the fast casual Mexican tycoon will now be serving flour tortillas with just five simple ingredients—flour, water, canola oil, salt, and yeast—with Chipotle's corn tortillas, which are also used for their chips, being just two ingredients: corn masa flour and water.

According to the official press release, Chipotle is the first and only national restaurant brand to avoid using added colors, flavors or preservatives in its food.

“We have always used high quality ingredients and prepared them using classic cooking techniques,” said Steve Ells, Chipotle Founder, Chairman and CEO. “We never resorted to using added colors or flavors like many other fast food companies do simply because these industrial additives often interfere with the taste of the food. However, commercially available tortillas, whether they are for us or someone else, use dough conditioners and preservatives. I’ve been on a quest for a better tasting tortilla for years, and we finally achieved a tortilla made the way you would make them at home, and they are simply delicious. Ultimately, all of the decisions we make about the ingredients we use are about making the very best tasting food we can.”

The news isn't just groundbreaking, but it also comes at a crucial time for Chipotle, who have struggled with various food-borne illness outbreaks around the world that have been a blow to their reputation. Fortunately, for them, the company's public stock is up nearly 2 percent, meaning they're rebounding quite nicely.

To support the news of using no preservatives, Chipotle also released a "visual ingredient statement", which visually depicts the ingredients in each of its menu items.

We're not sure if the shift in ingredients will impact the way Chipotle's monstrous burritos will taste, but we're happy to test the new tortillas over and over again to see if we can tell a difference. Something tells us we'll still want to scarf one down as fast as this guy once did.


Yeah, now we know where we're going for lunch today.


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