Chris Pratt Describes The Awkward And Unsexy Sex Scene He Has With Jennifer Lawrence

Image via Columbia Pictures

Personally speaking, I couldn't imagine being an actor who's tasked with pulling off a sex scene in a movie with Jennifer Lawrence. Don't get me wrong, faking sex with one of the world's most talented and beautiful women would be awesome, but even real sex can be awkward, so doing it for a film in front of a bunch of people on set only increases that feeling.

Turns out I'm not alone in this presumption, as Chris Pratt—who stars alongside Lawrence in the movie Passengers—admitted as much during an interview with SiriusXM, via LADbible.

"I don't want to make generalisations based on gender, but I feel the responsibility falls on me [to make my co-star comfortable], and I've been in that situation a couple times," Pratt said in a recent SiriusXM interview.

"Essentially, it's your job to just minimise the discomfort by, you know, making sure there's nobody else on set than is required, having a closed set, periodically checking in, and just doing everything you can to assure the person you're with that they're okay."

Pratt's not alone in his sentiment, as other actors and actresses like Mila Kunis, Anne Hathaway and others have described something similar.

Chris Pratt continued by saying that, because the sex scene was so raunchy and can be so awkward, he actually doesn't even think there's a sexy thing about it.

"For all the sense of anxiety that comes leading up to a scene like this, you get into it and you realize there's really nothing sexy about it at all. It's just really awkward.

"But you know, it's part of the gig and you just do what you can to check in with the other person and try to minimize any discomfort that they feel."

Somehow, I feel like being a porn star would be easier than doing something like this—because it's real sex with just a bunch of fake moaning and dirty talk, even though you're actually naked. So, yeah, I'm in complete agreement with Chris Pratt on this one.


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