Chrissy Teigen Bouncing Around And Exercising With French Fries And Wine Is My New Favorite Workout

I promised myself that I would try to limit the amount of videos I posted from LOVE magazine's Christmas Advent calendar, but they selected so many incredibly sexy ladies to participate in their videos that it's nearly impossible to say no.

LOVE's latest YouTube video comes from the lovely Chrissy Teigen, who can't help but indulge in french fries and wine during the sexiest workout you'll ever see.


The amount of hotness in Chrissy's video is oozing from each one of her pours, as she recreates an '80s-like fitness video that all of our mom's used to have—but, trust me, no one's mom looked as smokin' as Chrissy Teigen does in this one.

You can check out more of our favorite LOVE magazine Christmas Advent videos here, here, here and here, with each one bringing instant holiday cheer.

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