These Pics Of Christina Applegate As Kelly Bundy Prove She Turned Boys Into Men

Unless you lived under a rock between the years of 1987 and 1997, it's safe to say you saw an episode or two of Married With Children starring Katey Sagal, Ed O'Neill, David Faustino, and of course the beautiful subject of this article—Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy.

In contrast to other late 80's/90's heart throbs like Tiffani-Amber and Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christina Applegate was known for playing a back-talking, tight-skirt-wearing-vixen who we can safely say was responsible for turning MANY boys into men over the course of that wonderful decade. Don't believe us? Maybe the clip below will offer some more insight?

That clip may seem like kibbles n' bits nowadays, but back then, it was EV-ERY-THING and frankly, a lot of us owe Applegate a thank you for introducing us to the finer things in life (literally).

Christina has gone on to remain incredibly relevant in the Hollywood circuit continuing to star in television and feature film roles alike. You may have seen her recently in Bad Moms alongside Mila Kunis or the Chevy Chase remake Vacation with Ed Helms. She's just as beautiful as ever, by the way—but for now, go ahead and remember her as the sexually awakening Kelly Bundy.

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