Christina Milian Wasn't Shy In Flaunting Herself In A Teeny Bikini (So Go Ahead And Check It Out)

As the saying goes, Christina Milian was definitely a bridesmaid and not a bride this past weekend at her friend Nicole Williams' bachelorette party, but that didn't stop her from stealing the show!

New photos of the gorgeous model, actress, and singer have surfaced from her long weekend in Hawaii and we've got to say, this sexy lady has not aged since her "AM to PM" days back in 2001. In fact, she looks better rocking some seriously skimpy bikinis, showing off her ample curves dripping with fresh pool water. These pics are like a scene out of a movie.

At 35-years-old, we don't foresee Milian slowing down anytime soon, and her at FHM we certainly aren't complaining about that fact. We hope she continues to take many a tropical vacation in the near future.

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