Christina Milian Poses Oiled-Up, Showing Off Her Goddess-Like Curves

The last we saw of Christina Milian (only a couple weeks back, thank God) she was donning a skimpy-bikini and slow-motioning out of crystal blue waters for Nicole Williams' bachelorette party—where she inevitably ended up stealing the show with her killer curves.

It seems she's continued to keep up with the trend, because her Instagram feed as of late is OUT OF CONTROL. There isn't a single picture of Milian where she isn't showing off her ample assets—and well, we're loving it.

There are a few pictures in particular however that have realllly gotten our heart rates going. Were not sure if it's the oiled-up skin, the tantalizing gold jewelry....Oh wait! We know exactly what it is—her body looking completely bonkers in a tight, form-fitting one piece. No joke, she really does look like a golden goddess and we think it's a look she should consider sticking with.

I mean, we know it's not exactly business casual or dinner formal, but hey! That's Hollywood. If Ariel Winter can show up at an award show wearing a bedazzled mini dress while he costars rock jeans and button downs, Christina can certainly rock this outfit out on the town!

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