Watch Your Favorite Christmas Carols Get Played With Guns (Because, 'Merica)

Image Via YouTube

Before we get this thing started, we'd like to clarify that in no way do we think it's a wise idea for any old Joe Schmo to play Christmas songs with a rifle. In fact, we don't even think any old Joe Schmo should own a rifle, but, we'll save that for another article. OK, now that we've gotten that little PSA out of the way, brace yourselves for some pure X-mas joy! Frankly, we can't say we've ever seen anything more American in our lives. Erm, well, maybe Donald Trump eating McDonald's, but we'll just call that a close second and keep it moving.

The Black Rifle Coffee Company, as per their Instagram description is a SOF (Special Operations Forces) veteran owned coffee company. The BRCC specializes in roasting high quality, small batch coffees. OK, so, where do the guns come in? Well, after browsing their website for a bit, it seems the guns are more of a passion, than career path. These guys focus on providing kickass coffees that ship directly to their customer base. As far as the correlation between coffee and the military, they put it like this: "We develop each of our explosive roast profiles with the same mission focus we implemented as Special Forces Operators serving this great country."

We don't know about you guys, but if their coffee is as explosive as their weaponry, we'll take the whole lot — K, thanks. Once more good measure, guys: do not, we repeat, do not try this at home. Not with a pellet gun, hell, not even with an air gun! Leave it to the professionals, please.

Lead Image Via YouTube/Black Rifle Coffee Company

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