30 Things You Didn't Know About The Holiday Sh*tshow, "Christmas Vacation"

If there's a movie you've undeniably watched this holiday season, it's the comedy Christmas Vacation, which follows the stressful, and dysfunctional, Griswold family as they hope to pull off a good old fashioned Christmas. Unfortunately, anyone who has seen the movie knows how it goes, with, seemingly, everything going wrong and the house going to sh-t!


Well, with the Christmas Vacation movie being one that has long been beloved since its release in 1989, we figured that it'd only be wise to give some Christmas Vacation facts about the film that you might not know about. From little tidbits like the budget, to behind-the-scenes details that are cool to know, impress your dysfunctional family members this Christmas by dropping these facts on them while watching the film this weekend.

Lead image via YouTube.

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