There's A Clown Motel Next To A Cemetery Up For Sale In Vegas—Stephen King, You Interested?

Image Via Yelp

The reason I'm specifically asking Stephen King if he's interested in this particular listing is because he's the only man on the planet, save for M. Night Shyamalan, who could live there without risking coronary arrest and bed-wetting every night. According to Architectural Digest

"An honest-to-god clown motel, appropriately named Clown Motel, located in Tonopah, Nevada, right next to an actual cemetery, is on the market, and this portal to hell could be yours for the low, low price of $900,000.

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Honestly, for $900,000 it might be worth it! You know, for the novelty-factor. If I'm being honest, I'm not afraid of clowns...at least not in the way the majority of the internet is. Sure, if a clown yielding a machete turned up in my backyard, I'd be likely to lose my shit (literally), but otherwise I think clowns are sort of....well, cute? Balloon animals, those rainbow-colored handkerchiefs they pull out of their sleeves, flowers that squirt water—the whole bit is very whimsical and endearing, if you ask me.

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It seems the owner of the clown motel shares in my sentiment. Architectural Digest continued –

"The motel's owner Bob Perchetti, who's operated his nightmarish inn for 22-years, said his business has been called 'the scariest motel in the U.S.,' but he personally doesn't mind the creepy characters. 'I love clowns. I've never had a problem with clowns,"' Perchetti told KLAS. The idea to make the motel, which he opened with a business partner after retiring from his state tourism job, clown themed was Perchetti's diabolical plan. Apparently, the partner had a family collection of clowns, and Perchetti felt compelled to bring them out of their cold, dark lair (we assume) and into your hotel room."

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