The U.S. Coast Guard Discovered A Sh*t Ton Of Cocaine (A Billion Dollars Worth, To Be Exact)

Image via U.S. Coast Guard

I've seen the movie, Blow enough times to know what a large amount of cocaine looks like. Remember the scene with Johnny Depp where he opens up a bowling bag full of nose candy and sticks his face in it (and inhales deeply) before his wife gives birth? Yeah, you remember. Who doesn't? It's iconic.

Well take that scene and multiply it by, I don't know, maybe 100? A million?

Let's just go with, multiply it by A LOT ton and you'll get what The U.S. Coast Guard discovered:

"The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter James’ crew offloaded approximately 16 tons of cocaine Tuesday in Port Everglades. The cocaine is worth an estimated $420 million wholesale ($1 billion street value) and was seized in international waters off the Eastern Pacific Ocean."

16 tons?! That's roughly 8 "small" elephants, just to put it into perspective. The breakdown of the bust is as followed:

The Coast Guard Cutter James and HITRON were responsible for five cases, seizing an estimated 5.19 tons of cocaine.

The Coast Guard Cutter Mohawk was responsible for seven cases, seizing an estimated 5.79 tons of cocaine.

The Coast Guard Cutter Sherman was responsible for one case, seizing an estimated 1 ton of cocaine.

The Coast Guard Cutter Tampa was responsible for three cases, seizing an estimated 3 tons of cocaine.

HMCS Saskatoon and Coast Guard LEDET 405 were responsible for one case, seizing an estimated 1 ton of cocaine.

Can you imagine rolling up to the dock with that much blow? If at least one Pablo Escobar joke wasn't cracked on board, I'm going to be deeply disappointed.

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