The Countries With The Highest Cocaine Use Have Been Revealed

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Cocaine use has made a pretty alarming comeback in recent years and frankly, we're wondering why folks couldn't have just left that sh-t at Studio 54. Anyone who is under the impression that the world is somehow becoming a more drug free place to be is...well, a moron. The rampant drug use in both The United States and across the globe is just as high as it's ever been and these stats prove it.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime released a list of 20 countries with the highest cocaine consumption in the world. We've gotta say, just because you've seen an episode of Narcos doesn't make you an expert on the subject and for real, y'all can learn a thing or two from the data below.

Cocaine Use Around The World

  1. Albania - 2.5 per cent of the population uses it
  2. Scotland - 2.34
  3. United States - 2.3
  4. England and Wales - 2.25
  5. Spain - 2.2
  6. Australia - 2.1
  7. Uruguay - 1.8
  8. Chile - 1.73
  9. Netherlands - 1.6
  10. Ireland - 1.5
  11. Canada - 1.46
  12. Aruba - 1.3
  13. Bermuda - 1.3
  14. Ghana - 1.1
  15. Italy - 1.1
  16. France - 1.1
  17. Israel - 1.07
  18. Iceland - 1.06
  19. Costa Rica - 1.06
  20. Luxembourg - 1.04

Despite the fact that Colombia is one of the largest producers of cocaine in the world, they don't even fall in the top 20. In fact, they sit at number 34 on the list! Not to diminish the severity of the drug epidemic by quoting the "Ten Crack Commandments", but, seriously — never get high on your own supply.

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