The Best Cocktails To Fight The Flu ('Cause Boozing's Our Favorite Way To Stay Healthy)

We all love ourselves some cocktail drinks to keep us warm. And, when some of the best cocktails that we come across also happen to be tasty and can keep you healthy, well, we're even happier about drinking them.

It seems like the winter of 2018 will go down as the year of freezing temperatures and a whole lot of sick days. The flu seems to be spreading around offices and business like, well, the flu! Even if you were smart enough to get a flu shot, there's still a good chance that you’ll end up with one of the 8,000 varieties the shot didn’t cover.


So, how do you combat the flu (and common cold) if you can’t even trust the wonders of modern medicine? Well, you can either drink gallons of orange juice, load up on EmergenC and seal yourself inside a germ-free clean room until June. Or, you can try one of these less-than-scientific cocktail drinks as an alternative. Plus, why not get a little buzz on to soothe you to sleep, right?

Lead image via Craig Cochrane.

Scroll down to see the best cocktails to help fight the flu, with recipes to try them at home.