College Football Cuties: 12 Fans We'd Hop On Their Team's Bandwagon For

Even if it's been a couple of years since your college days (read: a decade), there's no harm in taking a little stroll down memory lane, right? Well, instead of reliving that Psych 101 class you failed 2, no 3 times, or all those sh*tty beers you funneled, maybe it's best if we focus on your favorite college subject of all — sleeping. Nah, just kidding...the girls, of course! To be fair, napping was a close second.


Now, we weren't going to just arbitrarily throw attractive coeds your way! Granted, we'd doubt any of ya'll would complain, but why not make it a little more relevant than that. With college football starting up on Saturday, August 26, 2017, we formed the perfect idea!

All of the beautiful women below are representing for some of the biggest NCAA powerhouses in the league — Alabama University, Texas University, and of course raging party schools like The University of Miami and Florida State University (Go Seminoles!), among others.

Please go ahead and indulge in the gallery below! We've gotta say, it's definitely one of our favorites yet. Additionally, we added some of the marquee matchups on the NCAA schedule for Week 1 below. You know, so you can actually watch and not just drool-over the fans!

Friday, September 1

Saturday, September 2

Saturday, September 3

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