College Kid Breaks Into Car For A Kit-Kat, Leaves The Most Honest Note To Explain Himself

Image via Instagram/kitkat

Prior to last night while passing out Halloween candy, I hadn't had a Kit-Kat in about 10 years. Sure, the little, chocolate wafer candy is great and all, but who ever really has a craving for one, right? Apparently, at least one college kid, that's who.

That's what seemed to have happened in this situation, as some poor soul came back to a note in his car describing it getting broken into over, you guessed it, a f*cking Kit-Kat!

Unfortunately, for Hunter Jabbins—a student at Kansas State University—his Kit-Kat was gone forever. On the positive side, though, as the note states, at least the thief didn't take anything else from his car.

This is just a reminder to never leave anything sweet just laying around in your car, because a candy monster may be lurking to find the one person who didn't lock his/her door—and snatch the candy from you.

H/T Esquire