Dude Tries Impressing A First Date By Jumping Between Two Buildings, Ends So Terribly For Him

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There are a lot of ways that a man can impress a date, but some 22-year-old college kid named Grant Birdsong went to extremes while trying to do so last night in Pittsburgh.

According to CBS in Pittsburgh, Birdsong became wedged between two buildings around 2 a.m. while he attempted to show-off for his lady and jump a from one building to the other, subsequently falling three stories and getting stuck for four hours as cops tried to free him.

Per CBS:

According to police, a Pitt student became wedged between two buildings, in a gap that ranged from 16-18 inches wide, when he tried leap from one to the other. He attempted to go from the shorter building to the taller one, but missed. After falling, he became suspended about five-feet off the ground.

He was allegedly out to impress a girl he met Monday night, but failed miserably.

"Failed miserably" is just a bit of an understatement, don't you think?

Here's how one police officer described the situation, per CBS:

"It appears there were three walls that we had to go through and also we had people on the roof, one of the paramedics did rappel down the three stories to render assistance and to get a landmark as to where he was,” Hissrich said.

Eventually, Birdsong was brought out on a stretcher with a broken ankle, which he underwent surgery later to repair. He gave two thumbs up to the girl he wanted to impress as he was loaded into the ambulance.

Added Hissrich, "He was alert and talking. Obviously, he was here for three and a half to four hours, so he was numb.”

Maybe taking her to a nice dinner and then, you know, trying to charm her with words would have been a better technique to impress the girl, but who am I to judge.

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