Compare Your Crappy Diet To Athletes And Celebrities Like The Rock And Usain Bolt With This Easy Graphic

Image via Instagram/TheRock

So we know that, most of us, eat like complete shit, stuffing our faces with way too many carbs, sugars and fluids that just pack on the calories. And because we, often, do that, there's a good chance that none of us will become pro athletes or big-time celebrity actors who are chosen to be a leading man.

But if you have aspirations to get there, you may want to take a look at the diet it takes to get there, because the people over at GoCompare put this graphic together, which shows you exactly what athletes like Usain Bolt, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and others eat on the reg.

There's a good chance you're housing just as many calories as some of these celebs, but you're probably not eating as lean as they are, meaning the only six-pack you're used to seeing is of the beer form. Keep doing you, though.

H/T BroBible