Conor McGregor Has A Look-Alike Who's Pranking An Entire Country Into Thinking He's The UFC Fighter

Image via YouTube

Every single sports fan is salivating at the prized boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. — who, for years, talked a bunch of crap about one another's bank accounts, taunted each other with ridicules and were able to finally ink a deal to step into the ring. And, while both fans and athletes are counting down the days till the boxing bout on August 26, there's one man who's having some fun with the whole promotion of the thing; and his name is Islam Badurgov.

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Badurgov, who hails from Kazakhstan, is a street athlete who has been fooling mobs of crowds all over the nation into thinking that he's the star-studded McGregor, rolling in with an entourage, luxurious cars and a swagger that Conor himself has. Hell, just look at the way Islam even mastered McGregor's intimidating walk!

A couple of weeks ago, Islam Badurgov hit up Santa Monica with his crew to trick a bunch of people into thinking he was McGregor. But, just yesterday, New York City was his next "victim", with the guy taking to the streets and rolling through Times Square with security that a millionaire athlete usually gets — if only Badurgov was actually that.

Here's full video from the NYC stunt.

As you can see from the video above, Islam isn't skipping any steps in his attempts to fool people, going all in thanks to the tattoos all over him, the intense, cocky persona, the lavish lifestyle and the haircut that Conor McGregor has.

Thanks to his insane lookalike ability, while in New York, police had to provide extra security around the guy's car, doing what they could to prevent people from further mobbing Islam while he made his way through the streets. It's pretty impressive, in my personal opinion.

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When he did get out of the car, Badurgov was out snapping pics with people who really believed he was McGregor — or just having fun with the whole stunt. Either way, genius move by this dude, who clearly knows how to draw a crowd.

Talking to For The Win about his initial L.A. prank, Islam broke down how he got the idea for such a bold prank.

"A lot of people were telling me that I look like Conor McGregor. That’s how I decided to do this."

"We were expecting people to be excited because McGregor is very famous. Everything was created to support McGregor in his upcoming fight. So, we actually admire Conor McGregor. We're big fans of him. That's why we knew he's super popular, and we have seen how he can gather people," Badurgov said.

With all the work done in just one day — yep, even the detailed tattoos — Islam Badurgov has made millions of people believe that he's one of the most famous athletes on the planet. Man, what a time to be alive!

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