Corinne Olympios Talks All Things Dating With Us (And We're Really Paying Close Attention)

There are plenty of blonde bombshells in the world, but Corinne Olympios is one who has certainly captured our attention — and it's easy to see why. From her "bad girl" persona on reality dating shows like The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise to the incredibly hot pics she posts online, Corinne has proven that she's sexy, sassy, smart and witty. In other words, exactly what a man wants.

Lucky for me, I got to talk with Corinne about some of the things she's learned through her time dating. Remember, this is a gal who was one of 30 women going after the heart of one man on television, so she kind of knows a thing or two about this whole dating thing.


And while it's easy to just stare at pics on Corinne Olympios' Instagram, there's more to the 25-year-old than just beauty. That's because, starting today, her website is selling sunglasses that will see all its proceeds go to a nonprofit called, ChildHelp.org. See, she's a beautiful gal with a good heart!

Anyway, because we're always interested to hear about what it is women really look for in a guy, here's what Corinne Olympios had to tell me she likes (and dislikes) the most in men.

FHM: What Do You Look For In A Guy?

Corinne Olympios: "I like a smart, funny, caring guy. Supportive. That's it. He has to like to party sometimes, but not all the time. Some nights he has to be cool with ordering take-out and watching movies all night. I'm also really looking for a guy who wants to be living, and raising a family in a place that has all four seasons."

FHM: Any Physical Characteristics?

Corinne Olympios: "No. Not even concerned with appearance as long as they have those things. I find that the guys that I would look at and be attracted to are normally the guys who I hate when I'm hanging out with them. So at this point, I'm just like, no."

FHM: Would Nick Viall Fall Into That Category?

Corinne Olympios: "Um... Nick was a special case because we also did have a lot of fun together. But there were times where he did have an attitude and I would be like, 'Oh, god, get over yourself.'"

FHM: Anything That You're Absolutely Not Into?

Corinne Olympios: "I don't like guys who use overly mushy words. Super into themselves. Talk about themselves too much. I don't like guys who are trying be funny and they come across as mean. It's not fun, not funny, just a turnoff. I also don't like guys that are overly concerned with their appearance. I recently went out with a guy and noticed he was wearing makeup. Immediately done at that moment."

FHM: Any Advice On What To Do To Win You Over?

Corinne Olympios: "The little things. If I like a kind of candy, show up with that kind of candy. It's the littlest things that matter. One guy knew I liked Tic Tacs, so he came to pick me up and had brought every flavor of them that he could find. Surprises. He'll pick me up, not tell me where we're going, and it's a fun activity."

FHM: What's Your Big 'Don't' In A Relationship?

Corinne Olympios: "Don't ignore my calls. Don't ignore my social media posts. Point blank, don't try to play any games. Just be normal."

FHM: What's Your Worst Date Ever?

Corinne Olympios: "A guy once picked me up and his car was literally falling apart. By the way, this was set up by my grandmother from someone at her doctors office. He told me about his bug collection, went to a little steak restaurant and he ordered a glass of milk. And then, my ex boyfriend's dad was sitting right next to us listening to our bug collection conversation. I'm sure he was happy that his son dodged that bullet. It ended with me cutting the meal short and calling my mom to pick me up."

FHM: If You Had To Guess The Age That You'll Get Married, What Would It Be?

Corinne Olympios: "29."

FHM: Kind Of Fandom... Why 29?

Corinne Olympios: "As of right now, I'm ready to settle down with someone. I'm not still looking to be dating around anymore. Three years is a good amount of time to grow with them, get engaged, in time to be married by 29."

FHM: Any Celebrity Crushes?

Corinne Olympios: "I don't have any celebrity crushes because I don't go by looks. I go by personality. So I would need to meet them in order to know if I have a crush on them."

See more of Corinne Olympios in the photos below, and make sure to follow her on Instagram.

All images via Jordan Krate.