Corinne Olympios Talks About The Holidays (And Tells Us If Lingerie For A Gift Is A Good Move)

It's the best time of year, and Corinne Olympios — a model who's best known from her time on The Bachelor — gets to be double spoiled this year. That's because, rather than celebrate just Christmas or Hanukkah, Corinne gets to do both! Gorgeous, smart, witty and getting double the presents? Man, talk about being lucky.

While we asked a bunch of Instagram models for holiday tips last week, Corinne Olympios was nice enough to piggyback off some of their advice and offer up some of her own! She also told us about the benefits of getting double duty on presents, some of her favorite memories of holidays in the past and, of course, what she's hoping to unwrap sometime this year.

FHM: OK, Be Honest, Which Is Better, Christmas Or Hanukkah? 

Corinne Olympios: "I love them both! I grew up celebrating both, so they mean a lot to me and celebrating both is tradition for me. The advantage of Christmas is that more people celebrate it and it spreads more joy. It's just magical and we all love it. It's also my dad's favorite holiday, so he would get super excited and make it so much fun for all of us. He still does. He's so festive and he's normally not a festive guy. The advantage of Hanukkah is that it's eight days, which means eight more presents than the people who only celebrate Christmas get!"

FHM: Was It An Advantage Or Disadvantage Celebrating Both Holidays? More Presents Or More Stress? 

Corinne Olympios: "More presents. More fun. What kind of a Scrooge would I have to be to want fewer holidays?"

FHM: What's The Worst Gift A Boyfriend Has Ever Given You? Did You Even Pretend To Like It, Or Were You All Like, 'Dude... No, Just No'?

Corinne Olympios: "The worst gift I ever got was a manicure/pedicure gift certificate. With a boyfriend, I'd always rather have something to keep from them. Not a gift certificate!"

FHM: And, Of Course, What's The Best Gift A Boyfriend Has Ever Given You?

Corinne Olympios: "Diamond jewelry. You can never go wrong with diamonds, guys!"

FHM: How About Lingerie As A Gift? Do You Appreciate It, Or Just Think, 'This Isn't For Me, It's For Him'?

Corinne Olympios: "No one has ever gotten me lingerie. I'm not sure if I would like that. It's such a personal thing."

FHM: Can You Remember The First Time You Brought A Guy Home To Meet Your Family Over The Holidays? Any Advice To Men About How To Impress A Girlfriend's Parents?

Corinne Olympios: "I haven't brought anyone home to meet my family for the first time on the holidays, but, I can say this; always come bearing gifts!"

FHM: If You Could Only Get One Thing For The Holidays This Year, What'd It Be?

Corinne Olympios: "A vacation for my whole family, somewhere out of the country. No exact place in particular. I'd just love to give us a chance to get away for a while."

All images via Josh Fingerhut.

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