Cosplay Model, Alaska Mauve, Talks Costumes, 'Game Of Thrones' And Dating For Cosplayers

For a lot of people, the world of cosplay is often seen as this elusive community of imagination and opulent costuming. For cosplay model, Alaska Mauve — it's her everyday life! We know what you're thinking, "How does someone manage to land such kickass lifestyle?" Well, we won't give away too much before getting to Alaska's answers, but first and foremost, it all started with her being a fan!

We spoke with Alaska about everything from her sexy stylings to how she feels about dating someone in the cosplay community! There's a lot to be learned here, fellas! Sit back, relax, and enjoy looking through the lens of a universe most people never get to see as told by this stunning pro!

FHM: So, tell us, how did you get into cosplay?

Alaska Mauve: This is pretty silly, but after I watched Game of Thrones for the first time four years ago, I felt this intense desire to transform myself into Daenerys Targaryen. I was just so smitten with the character! Curious to learn more about the cosplay community, I asked one of my friends if it would be strange for me to go to an anime convention in Seattle as Khaleesi. She told me that people dress up as all sorts of characters at conventions and it wouldn't be out of place at all. Immediately after that, I started putting together costumes and buying tickets to conventions. My first cosplay ended up being Kaylee (from the TV show Firefly) at Steamposium in Seattle.

FHM: Who is your favorite character to dress up as?

Alaska Mauve: Daenerys. A million times Daenerys! I even dyed my brown hair platinum blonde to look more like her. Besides the Mother of Dragons, I'm also pretty enthusiastic about my Babydoll (from the movie Suckerpunch) costume. It's a skimpy schoolgirl outfit, with lots of random accessories, but it's actually quite comfortable. Whenever I wear it, a lot of people ask for photos.

FHM: What's the "getting ready" process like? For instance, how long did it take you to pull of your kickass Daenerys Targaryen costume?

Alaska Mauve: My "Queen of Meereen" Daenerys dress took about a week and a half to make. One of the most difficult parts was scouting the right materials, especially since I wanted the costume to look expensive. After I gathered all of the materials I needed, my seamstress friend and I put the whole thing together. (I'm not a champion seamstress, and I wanted the best possible job done because I'm a perfectionist.) Before I head to the actual convention, I usually give myself at least two hours to get ready. When I dress up as Daenerys, I usually pay my super talented hairdresser friend to braid my hair just like the character. After that, I apply natural (but still glamorous) looking makeup with false eyelashes. Good cosplays can take quite a while, and I definitely have some incredible friends who have been willing to help me transform into character.

FHM: Do you think the cosplay community is a good place to meet someone and if so, would you ever date someone who is also into cosplay or do you prefer to keep those "worlds" separate?

Alaska Mauve: In my opinion, the cosplay community is a fantastic place to find love! Think about it- when you go to conventions, it's easy to meet people who love all the same movies or tv shows that you do. Also, since costumes are an expensive and time consuming passion, it's crucial for me to date someone who is completely supportive and understanding of it.

FHM: What would you say the biggest misconception about cosplay is?

Alaska Mauve: There are SO many misconceptions about cosplay! However, I would say that the biggest misunderstanding is that you don't have to make your own costumes in order to be a "cosplayer". Store-bought or only partially handmade cosplays still count as cosplay. Also, you don't have to look like a model or even look like the character in order to have a great cosplay! I love seeing people cosplay a character with a different race, skin color, age, weight, etc.

FHM: Aside from cosplay, what else do you have going on? Career aspirations, hobbies, etc.?

Alaska Mauve: It was easy and natural for me to get into cosplay because I've also worked as a model for six years. So besides cosplay, I'm also often doing other photo shoots and modeling jobs with themes like lingerie, fashion, or even guns. I've been a firearms model and advocate with a company called Weapon Outfitters for almost two years. Another fun fact about me is that during the summer, I also work as a commercial salmon fisherman in Alaska. My hobbies are all over the place!

FHM: Since you "dress up" quite a bit, how do you decide what to be for Halloween?! We feel like it's just a regular day for you, ha! Do you have something special planned for this year?

Alaska Mauve: Every year, I try to save the spooky or bloody costumes for Halloween! Last year, I was blood-splattered Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman) from Kill Bill. This year, I'm a sexy version of Pennywise the clown from It. I find clowns to be terrifying, and probably wouldn't do that look if it wasn't for Halloween.

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