These Cuddling Positions Are The Ones That Lead To The Most Action (So Make A Mental Note)

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There's almost nothing more intimate in a relationship than a couple cuddling, but, given habits of two people moving from separate beds into a shared one, it doesn't always mean that things are going to be hot and heavy. In fact, one partner may be a hardcore snorer who keeps his/her significant other awake all night, while the other may be known to drool and steal the covers, making things uncomfortable each night.

If you're at the mercy of another person ruining your sleep, we have lots of sympathy for you — which is why we've offered up some tricks to getting an extra hour of sleep in the past. Even if you're not one of those people who is affected by your partner's strange sleeping habits, we've got some information that any couple cuddling up on one another should know. Yep, it's the cuddling positions that lead to more sex.


Thanks to the good people over at Mattress Advisor, who surveyed 1,000 Americans in relationships about how they liked to cozy up to their partner at night, we have an idea of the sleep positions that are most common, most annoying and the top reasons why people in a relationship sleep alone. Check out these infographics to see the results.

Sex And Sleep

Solo Sleepers

Annoying Sleep Positions

Favorite Sleep Positions

So, as you guys can see, a couple cuddling doesn't always lead to satisfaction for both people. And, thanks to the research here, we can better understand what might lead to getting booted versus getting some action. Hopefully, for everyone's sake, it's the latter more than the former — because, on a more personal note, I remembered having to move from the bed to the couch plenty of times because my ex-girlfriend was a serious snorer. Trust me, the nights we stayed spooned up together were a hell of a lot more fun, so use your imagination, fellas.

You can see the full results of the research by heading over to Mattress Advisor's website.

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