Couples Awkwardly Describe The First And Last Time They Had Sex

Image via YouTube

Sex is one of the greatest things on the planet. It helps us stay healthy, allows us to try kinky things that, too, have a positive affect and, of course, it feels F'in amazing—even when it's not the best.

But sex is at its greatest when two people are genuinely attracted to one another, sharing an emotional and physical bond that makes both do whatever they can to try and get the other off.

That's what makes this video so funny, as couples described the first and last time they had sex together, making for an awkward conversation.


Now, truth be told, if we were asked such a question, we don't know if we'd reply or just storm out of the room throwing a fit. Don't get us wrong, we're open about our sex life, but this is just painful to watch at times.

Anyway, good on these couples for being good sports and revealing to the Internet everything about their own sexual experiences—no matter how excruciating it might have been.

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