19 "Couples Costume" Ideas From Twitter That Have Us Laughing Way Harder Than We Should

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We'd like to go ahead and clarify that while these couple costume ideas from Twitter are absolutely amazing, we in no way support anyone actually dressing up as this sh*t. Why? Well, for starters 90% of them aren't exactly what you'd call "politically correct" and in the year 2017, political correctness reigns supreme (as it should). That being said, when something is so funny that you find yourself spitting out your morning coffee, it deserves to be acknowledged.

A few of the selections below will only be understood by those rare folks who were super into Vine back in the day. Basically it's a "if you have to ask, you’ll never know. If you know, you need only ask" sort of situation. The others should be pop culture relevant enough for y'all to understand without too much brain power. Again, should you decide to actually run with these "ideas", you're on your own. We are not responsible for the verbal lashings you're sure to receive on the street this Halloweekend.

We're sorry, but if you didn't literally pee a little down your leg at the "Four Loko & Blackout" tweet then you aren't a person we want to know. That was Grade A Twitter genius. Few people have come to realize that while our nation's leader uses and abuses Twitter like Tyrone Biggums and a crack rock, it's actually a kickass platform with some seriously laugh-out-loud, original content.

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