Couples On The Street Answer The Tough Question: 'How Many Times A Month Do You Have Sex?'

Image via YouTube

Imagine walking down the street with your girlfriend, holding her hand and being all flirty, when, out of nowhere, someone from Jimmy Kimmel Live! approaches you to ask you both a bold and, potentially, embarrassing question: "How many times a month do you have sex?"

Your heart probably races a bit, wondering if you exaggerate the number, quickly whisper to your partner a number to say so you're on the same page or, because you're getting it enough, you know a ballpark figure.

The people in this video didn't need to imagine that happening, because it actually did happen, with Cousin Sal wondering if these couples are getting enough action as Valentine's Day approaches.


Naturally, couples being asked never seem to land on the exact same number, with one lady even throwing out a random fraction of 2.634 in there—not really sure how that happens?

As embarrassing and awkward as it is to answer this question with a friend, these people were good enough sports to respond on live TV, so that confidence might be something that leads to more monthly sex.

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