Courtney Stodden Performs Sultry Strip-Tease In World's Smallest Tiniest Bikini And It's A-Ok With Us

Disclaimer: the following description is meant entirely as a compliment, just in case it comes off as otherwise. Courtney Stodden in a nut shell, is Marilyn Monroe meets Courtney Love, with a dash of Anna Nicole Smith. She has that sort of elegant, classic-beauty mixed with a raw, almost dangerous sex appeal. I mean, to be fair, the danger may just mostly come from her ample bosom. Holy shit are those babies big! It's amazing that her tiny frame is able to support one, let alone both of 'em. Again, all a compliment, folks

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Courtney took to Instagram yesterday to share a lovely (read: REALLY F'IN SEXY) video-post with her very fortunate 215,000 followers in honor of Lana Del Ray's birthday. In actuality, we're not 100% sure it was for LDR's born-day, but we're going to safely assume her music being played in the background was no coincidence. If it was—hallelujah! It provided the perfect sultry-noise for a slow and steady strip-tease.

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Can we take a hot minute to talk about THAT BIKNI?! The bottom looks more like underwear, which is obviously more of an observation than a complaint but my god, are we loving it! The top seems a wee-bit obsolete as it barely covers the aforementioned ample assets. I wonder if she has to have tops/lingerie/swimwear custom-made? We cover a lot of beautifully-big-chested women around these parts, but Stodden sure does remain a cut above the rest.

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