Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott In Hot Water After Pulling Down Woman's Top During St. Patty's Day Parade (Video)

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Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott might have torn up the NFL this past season during his rookie campaign, but he's getting torn apart today after video surfaced of him pulling down a woman's top and exposing her breast during a St. Patrick's Day parade in Dallas.


The video, which was posted to TMZ Sports, is disturbing, with Elliott coming from behind the woman to pull down her top, with the woman unaware of his actions until her breast is out.

While the lady is teasing the crowd, Ezekiel Elliott—who is seen holding a beer and appears drunk—takes things to an uncomfortable level, with at least one women's group rightfully claiming that his actions are sexual assault, per TMZ Sports.

We spoke with Shaunna Thomas -- co-founder of UltraViolet, an organization dedicated to fighting sexism and expanding women's rights who says she's seen the video and is convinced Zeke committed a crime.

"The reality is that what happened in that video was sexual assault, period."

Thomas also calls on Roger Goodell to take immediate disciplinary action to prove the league is serious about protecting women.

Although the lady did scurry to cover herself back up, The TMZ Sports report claims, via Elliott's rep, that she wasn't upset and that she allegedly hung out with the running back and his buddy's after the parade.

Still, regardless of what happened afterwards, it's clear that Ezekiel Elliott did this without the woman's consent.

The NFL is currently investigating Elliott over a reported domestic violence incident last July—although the player was not arrested nor charged in that report.

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