Crazy AF College Girl Sends List Of Demands To Future Roommates, Claims Biggest B*tch Award

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Not too long ago, we gave you the frightening stories that people on Reddit shared about their freshman roommates, which were all a reminder that it's good to no longer be an 18-year-old headed off to college. And while those were horrific, one girl named Ashly — an incoming freshman at UCLA — might have just outdone them all.

That's because Ash decided to email her soon-to-be roommates a list of demands that she needed before she showed up on campus. And, rest assured, this girl is crazy as all fuck with some of these.

As you might expect, the replies from her future roomies weren't of the "oh, sure, whatever you want, Queen Ashly" variety.

Standing up to Ashly? Oh, the girl wasn't having any of that shit.

I've been lucky enough to never have a bad roommate—in college or otherwise—but if this girl came marching in and my signature wasn't on anything binding that kept me in the same house as her, you better believe I'm marching out of there without entertaining the idea of living with her. This girl is batshit cray!

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