'Crazy Ex's' Tell Their Breakup Stories And I Can See Why They're Labeled As 'Crazy'

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We all know how the saying goes, "breaking up is hard to do," as it brings out the deepest, darkest emotions in people that are usually found in the bowels of the body. And because they can be so tough on people, it's totally understandable when someone in the relationship goes a little off the rails when one occurs.

In the midst of all of their sadness, there's some hilarious entertainment that can come full display, as heartache, anger, passion and whatever else the person feels leads to straight up craziness.

With the Internet being awesome, people on Reddit shared a few of their whacko ex's stories, telling their side to try and lose that whole "crazy" label—we'll let you be the judge if they did after reading these.

  • "I keyed the shit out of her car...I only did it because her friend (who turned out not to be her friend after all) told me my ex was planning on doing it to my car but I later found out that was a lie. I felt like shit and told my ex...she then proceed to burn my car. :("

  • "He told all of his family and friends that I asked for a divorce because he was deploying to Afghanistan and that I was a crazy controlling bitch. The real reason we were divorcing was because he was texting girls he met online and telling them he loved them and wanted to be with them. I also found his online dating site on my laptop and when I confronted him about it he said his friends made the profile as a joke. The profile used the same user name and password that he used for everything. The final straw was when I came home from a trip back home to see my family and walked into our bedroom to find another girls clothes. I asked whose they were and why they were there and he said he had gone to the bar with some people from his troop and she was too drunk and had to spend the night. He apparently slept on the couch. I asked what she left the apartment wearing and he gave her my favorite pair of sweatpants to wear home. I never got those back either."

  • "My roommate had a "crazy ex" who would call him 20 times and leave five voicemails a day. This had been going on for about a week or so and I asked him if he had ever listened to the voicemails or called her back and he said "fuck no she is just being crazy as shit" The following week I talked to her roommate and asked why she was calling him so much. It was because he had taken her virginity and she wanted it back. Well, besides that, the actual reason was that the night they broke up he apparently went to her house, took a bat, and smashed all her windows and slashed all her tires. Never knew my roommate was broken up so hard by it nor had the anger to go and actually act on."

  • "I don't know if this qualifies as crazy, but I reported my ex's video to Youtube from like 40 different accounts to get it taken down. Why you ask? because I was like 16, and he had been video-taping our foreplay (and who knows what else) on his macbook without my knowledge, and then complied it into a 5 minute long soft-core porn video where he asked me to prom at the end. He then posted it on Facebook and his shitty Youtube account for everyone to see. all clothes were on during it, but it was still pretty raunchy, and I got ripped on pretty hard for it that summer at my job. I pretended to laugh it off but every night I was going home and making a new youtube account to report the video on until it got taken down, because he refused to delete it."

  • "Pissed in her mailbox. Not proud of that, but definitely not ashamed of it either."

  • "I was 14 and he was 20. He took my virginity, we dated for 2 years. He was super controlling and I just wanted to do kid stuff and date other kids. When I finally dumped him, he threatened to send my nudes to my parents and my boss. But yeah, he told our home town I was some crazy stalker bitch and they believed him. I was 14!!"

  • "Yes, I took the car. It was my name on the title, after all."

  • "I kept his kitten and refused to give her back to him when he broke up with me. She had been exclusively living in my house for close to six months because his place wasn't pet friendly. I had been paying for all her supplies, scheduling all her vet appointments, and taking care of her everyday. She had formed bonds with both my cat and dog. She was in a loving, stable environment where she would have companions when someone wasn't home. He worked 9-10 hours a day on top of classes, would've had her alone in his bedroom all day, and barely took charge of making sure she was taken care of. He probably labeled me as the crazy ex who stole his cat, but I don't care—she is in a stable environment in a home where I know she is getting the love and care she deserves."

  • "Ok so I may have sent his new girlfriend (the one he cheated on me, and left me for) some screenshots of cringy messages where he sent unsolicited dick pics and begged for me back. While he was dating her. My friends verified that it was equal parts funny and justified but pretty sure there's plenty of ways to spin that into 'unnecessary evil' and 'Jesus christ woman just let it go'. He was horrible though and so was she!"

And this is why people need to be picky with whom they date, otherwise crazy shit like this might go down. Just sayin...

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