15 True Crime Movies And Documentaries On Netflix That Will Send A Cold Chill Down Your Spine

Whether you happen to find it disturbing or not, it's entirely possible to be a crime movies and documentaries junkie the same way people obsess over action films. In fact, most people LIVE for this genre (no pun intended). It's not so much a means of glamorizing, or even worse, romanticizing criminals, as it is humanizing them.

As a society we're so accustomed to turning serial killers and drug lords into these twisted, brilliant masterminds, when in reality they're all just dark, pitiful souls who represent everything evil in human nature. Are these subjects interesting? From a psychological perspective, absolutely! Are they cool? No, they aren't — not in the least.

You might think we're crazy, but there's something slightly comforting in knowing what the worst case scenario is, but never experiencing it. Of course, our hearts go out to any of the people victimized by these monsters, but through their loss we can learn and better yet, PREVENT people like this from finding the tools to carry out their evil.

Consequently, some of these true crime movies and documentaries aren't just about the criminals. Some of them are about the often ignored realities of our justice system. Law enforcers can be criminals in their own right too, don't y'all forget that (it might come in handy one day).

One thing we can guarantee is that watching them all will run the emotional gamut. One will make you cry while the other will incite rage, they're incredibly varied in that respect. We do recommend watching them with a buddy — a little Netflix and chill, anyone?

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