From Fútbol To Fashion: We Spoke To Cristiano Ronaldo About His New Men's Denim Line, CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo is most famously known as a professional soccer powerhouse. Currently he dominates the field for both Real Madrid C.F. (#7/Forward), and the Portugal National Football Team (#7/Forward), but there's a lot more to the man that meets the eye.

Ronaldo announced awhile back that he'll be releasing his own namesake men's denim line, CR7 in collaboration with Uniti Fashion LLC, and while we've waited quite some time, the line launches on Thursday, June 15, 2017.

There are 5 types of denim jeans available—Type R, Type C, Type T, Type S. We have those featured in a gallery for you all below!

Additionally, we were able to get ahold of Cristiano Ronaldo and chat about all things denim and his plans for the future:

1. At what point in your life did you discover a passion for fashion and do you believe there's a crossover with soccer?

I’ve always appreciated fashion. As my career progressed and I was exposed to more amazing designers, it became a bigger passion of mine. I do see some crossover between fashion and football – in both fields, you have to be committed to your craft, and be willing to think outside the box to surprise people with new ideas.

2. Why was it important for you to create a denim line, specifically?

Denim has always played an important role in my everyday wardrobe. When I’m not in my training gear, I’m usually in a pair of jeans.

3. What "type" of man do you see wearing CR7?

I’ve always struggled to find stylish jeans that feel as good as they look, so I set out to create them. CR7 Denim was designed for people like me, who live active, on-the-go lives, and need their jeans to move with them, allowing them to live limitlessly. The line is available in 4 versatile fits, at 3 varying price points, so my hope is that there truly is something for everyone.

4. Do you have plans for expansion in the future, say, women's wear? Children's?

For now, we’re focusing on men’s denim, but we’re definitely open to possibilities. The principles that the men’s line is built on – amazing fits, designed with movement in mind, and available at accessible prices – we will keep those as we expand.

5. Do you hope to make fashion your full-time career when you've finished dominating the field?

Hopefully I’ve got a number of playing years left before it’s time to really make that decision, but of course I see fashion as a part of my future. I hope that the CR7 brand will continue to grow and be around long after my playing days are over.

The price points for the line will be— $88, $110, $144.

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