The Amount Of Money Cristiano Ronaldo Makes Per Instagram Post Has Me Wishing I Didn't Quit Soccer In Kindergarten

Image Via Instagram/cristiano

To be fair, I quit soccer in High School, but Kindergarten had a nicer ring to it—sue me. Anyway, even if I hadn't quit, I would have never amassed the same level of fame as Cristiano Ronaldo this is A) because I wasn't very good and B) because I don't look like an actual Greek God.

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Turns out, his money comes from more than just kicking a ball, he always gets paid a pretty damn penny for posting Instagram ads. Yes, I realize that sounds ridiculous, keep the anger at bay, will ya please?

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First of all, he has ONE HUNDRED AND SIX MILLION followers which is pretty crazy for an athlete, no? I feel like the Instagram Elite is generally reserved for every cast member of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Except Jonathan Cheban, he's only got 2.1 million followers, peasant.

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Due to his following, his sponsorship coughs up the big bucks. According to Mirror—"A new study has shown that the Real Madrid star earns a staggering £308,000 (399, 260.40 U.S. dollars) per sponsored post, placing him third in the "Instagram rich list" as the top-earning male in the world, just ahead of reality star Kylie Jenner (he's paid the same as her, but has more followers)."

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The only other celebrities ahead of him are The Selfie Queen herself, Kim Kardashian (£385,000 per post), and one of my personal favorites, Selena Gomez (£424,000 per post).

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