Wife Of Cubs Player Addison Russell Posts Scathing Photo On Instagram To Accuse Him Of Cheating

Image via Instagram

2016 was all about the Chicago Cubs and breakout star Addison Russell, you know, with that whole 108-year championship curse coming to an end after overcoming a 3-1 World Series deficit to break the hearts of the Cleveland Indians during last year's Fall Classic.

Unfortunately, the 2017 season hasn't been as kind, with the Cubbies struggling and finding it difficult to be the hunted, rather than the hunters—plus, their pitching is kind of a mess right now.

Anyways, just when you thought now was the time for players in the clubhouse to get focused and really try to turn the corner, there's been some unfortunate news that the team's young shortstop, Addison, is being investigated over allegations of abusing his wife—which, we hope aren't true.

While time will give us the full story there, Addison's wife, Melissa Russell, added a strange twist to all of this, as she posted—and then quickly deleted—a photo on her Instagram account that also accused her husband of cheating on her.

Take a look at the scathing message from Melissa!

WHOA! Melissa Russell really went all in there on her husband, didn't she?

As mentioned above, she eventually deleted both the picture and her entire account shortly thereafter, so we're not sure what to really make of it all, but, let's face it, the damage has already been done and a new twist has been tossed into this unfortunate story.

However, Melissa did speak about the post after trying to erase it, saying this about the whole thing:

This is a sad, sad story, and we hope that some of the allegations—especially any involving any type of abuse—are false. To get to the bottom of that, Major League Baseball is doing their due diligence and looking deep into the situation, so we'll know more as updates come out.

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