Cute Girl Needs Stitches In Booty After Accidentally Sitting On A Pole While Dancing (Video)

Image via Twitter

We all like to cut loose a little bit and show-off our dancing skills, but it's important to remember your surroundings while doing that—and one girl found out the hard way why that is.

Meet Bonnie-Lee Brown, guys, who had to go to the hospital for stitches after dropping it a little too hot during a dance party with some friends after accidentally getting a shoe rack rod while getting down.

As the video shows, Bonnie went down fast, but sprang up faster after the cold metal penetrated her butt, no doubt, leaving her tremendous pain.

While many people may have just called it a night after such a horrific event and abuse on an anus, Bonnie sucked it up and actually tweeted that she didn't cry nor call it a night, but actually still went out on the town afterwards.

Bonnie-Lee Brown sure is a trooper, isn't she?

As you can imagine, some of the Twitter replies are hilarious, with these being some of our favorites.

Here's to Bonnie-Lee Brown, a real hero who doesn't let a metal rod up her butt slow her down!


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