Impatient Guy Tries To Pop His Own Cyst And The Results Are Stomach Churning (Video)

Image Via YouTube/Caters Clips

We want to keep it real with you guys, this cyst popping video is by far the nastiest we've seen in quite some time. Unlike Dr. Pimple Popper videos, this clip takes place in a bathroom. Cyst extractions are a lot more gnarly without the gauze and medical setting — we can't explain it, but it's the truth! Maybe it has something to do with the blood and pus dripping from someone's face, without a doctor there to soak it up.

Excuse us for a moment, we think we might be sick — OK, we're back. In the video below, it appears that this very impatient dude simply couldn't wait to go to a doctor so he decided to remedy his cyst problem on his own. Trouble is, the cyst is clearly infected and as a result, it hurts to pop! See, had he gone to the hospital, they would have used something to numb it, take a look!

You know what's driving us nuts beyond just how disgusting this is? We never get to see the freakin' ending! Dr. Pimple Popper always extracts the entire cyst, this guy just leaves us hanging! WTF, random dude. Half the intrigue of watching these videos is seeing the final pop. Man, that was really unsatisfying. Then again, the fact that these videos give us satisfaction at all is super weird.

Needless to say, you really shouldn't try and pop a cyst of this size at home. If you have something like this on your face or body and it's tender to the touch, that means it needs medical attention. We know popping it on your own might be temping, but it's not safe, y'all.

Lead Image Via YouTube/Caters Clips


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