Dad Who Builds Kick-Ass Halloween Costumes For His Son In A Wheelchair Is A Real Champion

Image via YouTube

Want to know who gets my nomination for the proverbial "Dad of the Year Award" in 2016? It's this guy named Ryan Miller, who has made it a habit to build amazing Halloween costumes each year for his now 8-year-old son named Jeremy, who was born with spina bifida and is in a wheelchair.

Previous costumes have included things like the Snowspeeder from the Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back, and Jeremy as Captain America. But this year's costume is even more absurd, with Jeremy driving around in the famous Ecto 1 car from the film Ghostbusters.

Talking to Today.com, Ryan Miller said that his neighbors keep the pressure on him to make sure the current year's costume outdoes the previous year's.

His neighbors kept up the pressure.

“They’d say, ‘What are you going to do next year?’ And from that, it got a little bit bigger and a little bit bigger, and now it’s kind of crazy,” he said.

Jeremy, who's in third grade, took his Ghostbusters-themed costume to the children’s hospital in San Diego last week, receiving the reaction one might expect when they saw the famous car come driving into the place.

While there are plenty of great costumes out there that kids wear each year, Ryan Miller has made sure that his son Jeremy gets the one people will remember the most.

“Part of the reason we do this is because people come to him, so he’s the center of attention, and he loves it."

"He’s a great kid and he’s able to do so many things that just astound us. This is just another way to help him feel special and help him realize that even though he can’t do some things, he can do a lot of other things that are great.”

With that kind of love for his son, is it any wonder why I feel like there's some dust floating around here that's making me eyes swell up? This is just awesome.

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