Model Dajana Gudic Tells Us What It Takes To Be Her Ideal Boyfriend (And We're Happy For The Tips)

It's the holiday season, and one of our early Christmas gifts this year just came in the form of stunning model, Dajana Gudic, who really knows how to turn heads with her sex appeal. And, just as we do every time we get a chance to talk to an Instagram model like Dajana, we didn't just sit around and stare at her, creating a giant puddle of drool — although, yeah, that almost happened, too. No, instead we talked to Dajana Gudic about what makes a great boyfriend, and she was nice enough to give us her thoughts.

With over 522,000 Instagram followers, it's clear that Dajana Gudic knows a thing or two about getting attention. As more and more eyeballs come her way, we expect things to continue to take off for the Instagram model in 2018, with big stuff happening for her career.

In the meantime, go ahead and sit back, relax, stare at some of her incredible pics and read about what Dajana Gudic things makes a man the ideal boyfriend. Trust us, if she's telling you about it, you should really pay close attention.

FHM: What're The Key Traits Every Boyfriend Needs To Be Described As "A Great One?"

Dajana Gudic: "A great boyfriend is a man who loves unconditionally and shows it through his actions. Someone who calls randomly just to see how your day is going. He is loyal, honest, respectful and always makes you a priority."

FHM: How Important's Great Sex When Judging A Boyfriend?

Dajana Gudic: "It’s obviously very important. If a man loves you, he’ll put effort into everything he does with you, including making love."

FHM: When Can You Tell That A Boyfriend Is Trying Way Too Hard To Impress You?

Dajana Gudic: "When he agrees to everything I say. There has to be something we disagree on. If there isn’t, I’ll know he’s just telling me what he thinks I want to hear."

FHM: You Have To Get Hit On All The Time, So What Separates "The Boyfriend" From All The Others?

Dajana Gudic: "(laughs) No, never! What makes 'boyfriend material' different than a friend is when he really tries to get to know me as a person versus getting to know my body parts."

FHM: Any Bad Boyfriend Moments That Other Guys Should Definitely Learn From?

Dajana Gudic: "I’ve had a guy lie to me saying he was in a restaurant while he was getting a lap dance at a strip club. I found out and broke up with him, not because he got a lap dance, but because he lied. Once you show you’re capable of lying, I’m automatically turned off. So, boys, be honest! Chances are we’ll catch you in a lie anyway!"

FHM: Is A Boyfriend "Allowed" To Have Female Friends Or Is That A No-Go?

Dajana Gudic: "Of course! Allowing or not allowing someone to do anything is absurd. A boyfriend can make his own decisions and if he’s my boyfriend, then I trust that he would make the right ones, otherwise he wouldn’t be with me."

FHM: If A Boyfriend Cheats, Would You Ever Forgive Him?

Dajana Gudic: "No one is perfect. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve cheated and I’ve been cheated on. We broke up in both cases. Once the trust is gone, there is no relationship."

All images via Instagram/Dreamstate.

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