Dak Prescott Refuses To "Score" With Model Girlfriend Till The Cowboys Start Scoring On The Field

So remember last year when we introduced y'all to Dak Prescott's smokin' hot girlfriend, Nicole Parks? Well, it's a new year and Dak's got a new girl, but rest assured, she's just as stunning. With nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram, Dak's rumored girlfriend, Yasmine is quite the looker.


You'd think with a lady like that on his arm, the two of them would spend a lot of time in the bedroom. Turns out, they don't spend ANY time in there. Dak has other things on his mind and while we respect the dedication, we also find him to be absolutely out of his mind. According to Terez Owens:

"Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott made a pact of celibacy, and while Zeke has sworn off women completely, Dak is still dipping his toes in the water. We’re hearing Dak is taking things very slow with his new lady. 'Dak is enjoying the process of getting to know her without the pressure of having sex, he already told her that he won’t be doing anything until the season ends, or until they’re mathematically out of the playoffs', says our source."

Again, mad respect for Prescott and Elliot alike, but most dudes would literally sacrifice just about anything to have a gal that gorgeous. We suppose it just goes to show that there are some things in life more important than sex — at least that's what we hear. The proof remains to be seen.

Let's hope this celibacy actually pays off in the end because as of now the results are minimal. With the Dallas Cowboys standing still at 2-3, they certainly aren't trending as America's team, even with the whole pseudo-virginity pact.

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