Meet Sofia Bevarly, The Model Who Might Have Just Wrangled In Social Media Playboy Dan Bilzerian

When you think of the name Dan Bilzerian, the very first thing that probably comes to mind is the word playboy, as the bearded meathead is rarely in a picture or video on his Instagram account without some stunning beauty by his side, shooting off guns, swimming nude with these ladies in exotic places and, generally speaking, living the life that pretty much every guy wishes he could.

And, while Bilzerian clearly does what he wants, when he wants, capable of bringing along almost any woman he wants to jet-set around the globe with, he may have finally put away his playboy days... for now.

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That's because he's been seen getting cozy with model Sofia Bevarly, unsurprisingly, an absolute stunner who's a graduate of Florida International and doesn't take a backseat to anyone.

In addition to the typical beach bumming together, the two have been parading around to weddings and on Dan Bilzerian's private jet, making the Internet think the guy may have met his match with the stunning Sofia.

The 36-year-old Bilzerian has had his fair share of controversy, as his Instagram account of over 22 million followers is often littered with some pretty questionable things, with the guy often unapologetic about anything he posts for the public. Is Sofia Bevarly the sweet, girl next door lady he needs in his life to change his ways? That's debatable, but, who knows, she may just be?

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In an interview with Maxim last year, here's what Dan Bilzerian had to say about some of the ladies in the pictures with him:

"It really depends on the picture. If it’s me and a girl on there, then it’s a girl that I’m dating, but if it’s a group picture then it’s just a group of girls I’m hanging out with. But I mean, usually there’s some of them who want to build up their following or whatever, because these girls are making money off Instagram now. They’re making $500,000, $600,000 a year. They’re making more than a doctor is, it’s kind of crazy. But usually they don’t come out and say it. If they’re models or whatever, then they’re usually a little more covert about it, as opposed to being like “Hey, I’d really love to be on your Instagram!” I mean, that’s kind of what I get in the DMs, from regular girls."

With Bilzerian's focus mainly on just Sofia in his pictures, it's safe to say she's the one who's got his attention... so it'll be interesting to see how long this lasts.

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