Dana White Shared A Nasty Pic Of A UFC Fighter's Gashed Up Face, So I Hope You Didn’t Just Eat

Image via Instagram/felderpaul

For any of you who think you're tough enough to step into the Octagon, we reminded you last week that it can do some serious damage to a person's face—thanks to the before and after pics that fighter Anastasia Yankova shared.

And while Yankova's photos were brutal, the pic that UFC President Dana White posted today of fighter Paul Felder's eye is even more disgusting. Like, seriously, this shit is graphic.

Yep, so there goes my appetite for the rest of the night.

While Felder, himself, posted a photo showing the gash all sewn up, White went full NSFW with his own.

Felder, who sustained the injury when he took a wicked elbow from opponent Francisco Trinaldo in their fight last weekend, immediately starting bleeding as if he was the victim in a horror flick, so here's to hoping he's back to feeling right, because that looked nasty.

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