Yep, Women Love Guys Who Are Smart ('Cause Having A College Degree Improves Online Dating Success)

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For those guys out there looking to land the woman of his dreams, it takes more than just good looks, a little bit of "game" and a nice smile. In fact, according to new research from our friends over at AskMen — who teamed up with online dating app Zoosk — your best chance at snagging a dimepiece is by getting a degree!


Yep, that's right, fellas, women really do love smart guys, because, according to the information from AskMen and Zoosk, men who graduated from college, not just attended, were more likely to get a message from their matches.

Per AskMen:

"Dating profiles with the word "college" in it were found to be 64 percent more likely to get replies than the average user. The runner-up education-related keyword was "school," which gets 55 percent more replies than average. Think you're too smart for school and are "self-taught?" Welp, if you're like that then you only get replied to 8 percent more than the average. Eat your heart out Richard Branson (he famously didn't go to college)."

This is pretty interesting news, don't you think? We mean, who wouldn't want a smart significant other, who can talk about their days of debauchery while living in dorms in their late-teens, right? Oh, maybe that's just us...

Anyway, here's more information from the study, which also shows that people with bachelor's degrees were 17 percent more likely to get a reply from a match than someone with a high school diploma. That's pretty significant for those who are really looking for "the one."

So, not someone who has a bachelor's degree? Don't fret, at the very least, the list of words women tend to gravitate towards will serve helpful, with things like "finals", "course", "class", "test", "teacher" and "notes" being the ones you might want to use. For instance: "Man, today's workout class was an absolute pain in the ass, but the teacher was pretty good at giving tips, so I just took some mental notes."

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See, that may not be directly related to school, but, hey, it sneaks in a few of those buzz words, right? It's all about delivery, guys.

To see the full recap and more about the study, head on over to AskMen... and, always remember, "stupid is as stupid does", so just do the opposite of that when talking to women.

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