Model Sonya Cruz Tells Us The Most Important Traits Every Man Should Have

As you guys know, we're big fans of finding some hot Instagram models as often as possible for you to meet. Well, lucky for us — and you — we were able to track down one of our favorites for some top-notch dating tips. Fellas, meet Sonya Cruz, a model with over 320,000 followers on Instagram who's starting to break down the doors in the modeling industry.

As both a designer and model, Sonya Cruz has shown that her good looks and fashion sense can take her a long way. In addition to her sex appeal, the brunette also holds a Business and Marketing Degree, and is currently working on her degree in Psychology — so, yeah, she's got plenty of brains to go with all that hotness.

With all that Sonya Cruz has going for her, it makes sense that she can be quite picky when it comes to finding the right man. With such (deservedly) high expectations, we asked Sonya for some dating tips, which she happily agreed to sharing with us. From important traits guys should have to a few style tips, here's what Sonya had to say about dating and such.

FHM: What Advice Would You Give Men When Talking To Ladies?

Sonya Cruz: "Incorporate romance instead of using pick-up lines to grab her attention. Be clever with what you say. Trust me, there's almost nothing worse than a sleazy message, that’s for sure. Even something simple is far better than a pick-up line that will make you look like a fool."

FHM: Are There Certain Traits You Think Most Ladies Look For In A Man?

Sonya Cruz: "Loyal, honest, has intensity, we have chemistry, is a romantic, is faithful, will be committed and is adventurous. I think every female is looking for the Clyde to their Bonnie."

FHM: Any Absolute Deal-Breakers For You?

Sonya Cruz: "There's nothing worse than a man who flirts with every female that looks his way, or who has been with every woman. If I like a man and he starts playing games, and uses jealously to grab more of my attention, I will actually just block that person out."

FHM: As A Super Stylish Lady, Any Tips For Guys To Look Their Best?

Sonya Cruz: "I absolutely can’t stand loud colors on a man, and, generally speaking, don’t even like colors at all. I prefer dark colors. I love a man who wears all black or red or both. Those are really the colors I gravitate to for my brand, so if he's trying to grab my attention, he will wear much color."

FHM: OK, Finish This Sentence For Us, "A Guy Stands ZERO Chance If He's Caught Wearing (BLANK)...

Sonya Cruz: "There are so many! Loud colors, board shorts and also sandals; I think a man should always cover his toes."

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