Patience Silva Gives The Ideal Spots For Men To Meet Women (And A Few Dating Tips, Too)

Guys, when a woman like Patience Silva is interested in sharing some dating tips — as well as tell some funny stories about the various ways that guys have tried hitting on her — you take that opportunity. I've said it before, but, hell, I'll say it again: I've got the best job on the planet! Seriously, I get to talk to a beautiful woman like Patience and, in addition to sharing some laughs and stories together, walked away with some tips. Pretty cool, right?

Since I'm a nice guy, and Patience was so willing, the Instagram model and I figured it'd only be best to drop some of this wisdom on you. So stop overthinking things and take good notes, because Patience Silva really wants you to succeed in the dating game.


Given the fact that we got the chance to sit down with one of the most stunning Instagram models on the planet to talk dating tips with, keep on reading to see what the lovely Patience Silva had to say. And, of course, feel free to spend as much time staring at some of her gorgeous pics, too.

FHM: Let's Say A Guy's Trying To Get Your Attention, What's The One Way That'll Make You Laugh And Get You Interested?

Patience Silva: "Witty Memes. Hands-down. Not much tops a guy with a fun sense of humor!"

FHM: In Your Opinion, What's The Ideal Spot To Meet A Guy, So, You Know, We Can Start Hanging Out There In Hopes Of Seeing You.

Patience Silva: (laughs) "Surprisingly, on airplanes. I know most people don't like to talk to their neighbors, but I personally love meeting new people if it feels right. I figure they're just as stuck next to me as I am to them... so I'm always open to chatting to pass the time. I've met more quality people than not, so I highly recommend giving it a-go! Some have ended up being long distance friends. And a couple even turned a little romantic!"

FHM: We Know You're Really Big Into Design And Even Have Your Own Jewelry Line, Do You Take Some Responsibility In Influencing People Through Your Pics?

Patience Silva: "Absolutely. We should all take responsibility for what we choose to put out in the world. Modeling can be a balancing game at times. However, my goal is to create images that sell a product in a way both sexes can appreciate. I also want the girls to realize you can be sexy without being overtly sexual. And be strong without being cold."

FHM: With So Many Hobbies, Interests And Success In Your Own Life, Is It Important For A Man To Have That Same Motivation, Or Is It True That Opposites Attract?

Patience Silva: "Motivation is a must! My guy will naturally be spontaneous and adventurous. He'll have to be able to keep up with me! He'll be less of a talker and more of a doer type. He'll be able to get dressed up for events and feel comfortable talking to anyone... but also game to go camping without a shower for a couple days."

FHM: Lastly, We've Got To Know What's Next For You.

Patience Silva: "Actually, I'm really excited about a couple secret projects in the mix. Can't wait to share!"

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