David Beckham And Wife Victoria Pay A Sh*t Ton In Taxes Each Day

Image via Instagram/victoriabeckham

According to a 2016 Forbes article, former soccer star David Beckham is second on the list of highest-paid retired athletes, with Becks earning an alleged $65 million in 2015. When you consider Beckham's net worth is believed to be in the $350 million range, it's safe to say he and his family are more than set for life.

The downside to having that much money, though? Taxes.

Everyone hates taxes, but those with millions of dollars have to hate them the most—and a story in Harper's Bazaar makes me think that the David and Victoria Beckham are towards the top of that list.

That's because, per the report, the Beckham's paid an astounding $27,500 in taxes per day in 2015!

Guys, that's more than some recent grads will make in their first year after graduation—and that's just one day. In a week, the Beckham's pay $192,500 and, per year, they handed the government just over $10 million.

To help try and alleviate the pain of giving that much cash back in taxes, the couple started a company called Beckham Brand Holdings, which helped the family net an estimated $58 million in 2015, per Unilad.

With both David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham involved in a number of different ventures—like modeling and fashion lines—it's safe to say they'll only continue to rake in lots and lots of cash, so it was smart to establish a holding company to help manage their finances.

So, while being insanely rich would be awesome, the Beckham's prove that it's not all mansions and sports cars due to ridiculous taxes—well, unless you're like them and smart with managing things.


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