Former MLB Slugger David Ortiz Talks Playoff Heroics, Hall Of Fame And Finding A Job After Baseball

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It doesn't get more all-time than former MLB slugger David Ortiz, who's remembered as one of the most clutch players in baseball history thanks to his postseason antics that included three World Series titles. In addition to being, well, pretty good at swinging a baseball bat, the man known as "Big Papi" also happens to have one killer personality, capable of bringing plenty of laughs to any room that he walks into. For that reason, the TV network Fusion tapped the future Hall of Famer for a new TV show called Big Papi Needs A Job, which debuts tonight, January 31 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

So, what will the show have David Ortiz doing now that he's stepped away from the batter's box and into some odd jobs? In the first episode, Big Papi tries his hand at music, showing off his pipes at the Berklee College of Music. He also happens to learn how to give a manicure, which, as you might imagine, is an adventure.

With Ortiz taking on a new venture, we had to talk to him about what it's like going from dugout to everyday employee. But, as one of the best MLB players of his generation, naturally, we had to pick his brain about how he became so clutch, which Hall of Famer he'd want to play with and face, and a boatload of other baseball stuff.


FHM: You're Remembered As One Of The Most Clutch Hitters In Postseason History, What Was Your Secret, Man?

David Ortiz: "For me, I just took it one game at a time. Postseason can be a lot of pressure, but you have to keep your head down and focus. At the time, I was just doing my job, but now I look back and think about how crazy it all was."

FHM: No, Seriously, How You Continued To Break The Hearts Of Yankees Fans (Especially In The 2004 ALCS) Needs To Be Known.

David Ortiz: "Listen… I loved playing against the Yankees! I played some of my best games there. I kept trying to hit that little choo choo train in right field. Nothing sweeter than beating the Yankees in New York. (In 2004), I just kept on replaying 2003 (when they beat us in seven games in the ALCS), hearing fans chant, 'Boston Sucks, Boston Sucks…,' and I put all that into my game."

FHM: You Were Known For Being One Of The Most Charismatic Ballplayers Ever, Did You Just Love Your Job As A MLB Player Each Day?

David Ortiz: "Man… I just love my life. I give all my thanks to God and my family. MLB was one a hell of a ride!"

FHM: Anyway, Hall Of Fame: You're Obviously Going To Be Inducted At Some Point, Can You Even Imagine How That'll Feel Getting That Call?

David Ortiz: (laughs) "Don’t jinx me. man! I have seen some of my brothers voted in recently, and I can tell you it would be an honor. But let’s cross that bridge when we get there."

FHM: If There Were One Hall Of Famer You Wish You Could've Been Teammates With And A HOF Pitcher You Could've Faced, Who Would That Be?

David Ortiz: "Roberto Clemente, because he was a great guy; on and off the field. For the pitcher… Nolan Ryan. I’m curious, he had old school heat. He’s known as one of the best ever."

FHM: Who's Your Favorite Ballplayer To Watch Right Now And Why?

David Ortiz: "Dustin Pedroia. He’s the player I’d pay most to see. His hustle on offense and defense is amazing."

FHM: You Last Played In 2016, Hitting .315 With 38 Homers And 127 RBI, Why Not Keep Playing Till Your Production Dipped?

David Ortiz: "Would you rather go out on top, or fade away when no one remembers you? Plus… my feet were hurting, man."

FHM: And Now You're Just Hanging Around And Enjoying Retirement, Huh?

David Ortiz: "I think I’m busier now, actually. I’m getting more involved in all my businesses, my production company Big Papi Productions, my line of wine and cigars… so it’s been really challenging, but I’m ready for it."

FHM: Craziness! Speaking Of, You've Got A New Show Coming Out Called Big Papi Needs A Job, Tell Us About That!

David Ortiz: "My team and I took a lot of meetings with production companies, and we were pitched this idea by Matador Content, and Fusion loved it… so here we are. My whole life has been baseball, baseball, baseball. I have always appreciated how hard people work at their jobs, so I wanted to try my hand at a few."

FHM: What Made You Decide To Take On The Fun Project?

David Ortiz: "Gotta keep busy and, plus, I love the camera and I love Hollywood."

FHM: Any Spoilers You Can Give Us? What Jobs DID You End Up Getting?

David Ortiz: "I don’t know if anyone would really want to hire me, but I think I did pretty good! Except for dog grooming… even if they did hire me, I don’t think I could do it. You have to clean their… well, you wait and see."

FHM: What's The Worst Job You Could Ever Imagine Doing? What's The Best?

David Ortiz: "Let me think… I was a mechanic for a little while when I was younger, and let’s just say I’m happy it wasn’t my career. That stuff is hard work, man!"

FHM: Lastly, If You Hadn't Made It To The Majors, What Do You Think You Would've Been Doing?

David Ortiz: "I wanted to be a basketball player, so maybe you would have seen me on the Boston Celtics!"

The 10-part, half-hour series follows David Ortiz as he embraces a new job that piques his interest—from heading back to his old stomping grounds of Fenway Park to be a tour guide, to trying out his skills as a dog groomer, manicurist and musician. You can find out more about Big Papi Needs A Job by heading over to Fusion's website.

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