The 'Deadpool' Version Of 'Cards Against Humanity' Is Sure To Be The Dirtiest Card Game Ever

Image via YouTube

In what's being described as the "Deadpool version" of "Cards Against Humanity", "Deadpool vs the World" is a new card game hitting the market for mature audiences. Makers of the game, USAopoly explain that the experience will feature 100 custom illustrations of Deadpool in "very strange and unsightly" situations. Players will face off against their friends, family, coworkers, enemies — whoever — by filling in the blanks on captions cards to provide (ideally the most outrageous) explanation of what's occurring in the picture. If anything, the game is actually a perfect melding of "Ad Libs" too!

The game will be available in both the United States and Canada — which isn't surprising, given the fact Ryan Reynolds hails from the latter. The instructions call for three (or more) players and the age recommendation is 13 and up. Our advice? Don't play with anyone under the age of 21. Even though 13-year-olds are pretty mature nowadays, let's let Instagram screw them up, not card games, OK?

"Deadpool vs the World" will be hitting stores this summer. The best part? It'll only cost you $24.95. Considering "Cards Against Humanity" will cost you just about the same on Amazon, it's a pretty good deal. Usually these more "novelty" games jack up the prices, claiming it will eventually be a "collector's item". To be fair, they aren't wrong, but, hey! We're not complaining about it.

We imagine that this will be the perfect backyard game this BBQ season. Grab some beers, some good friends, and start making ridiculous memories using everyone's favorite anti-superhero.

Lead Image via YouTube/20th Century Fox


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