Decode Your Barber's Jargon And Never Get A Bad Haircut Again

Ever feel like that monthly trip to get your mop chopped is just an hour of getting talked at by your friendly-but-totally-baffling hairdresser?

We’ve enlisted the help of Joe Mills, expert hair stylist to Alex Turner among others, to help us figure out how to speak “salon”...

You Don’t Know What A "French Crop" Is

“It’s historically a traditional Julius Caesar cut – very scissored, very classic. It bounced back into fashion in the ’60s with the Beatniks and then again in the early ’90s with the Britpop lot. Think Oasis and Blur vibes.”

He Keeps Saying, “Thinning It Out”

“If someone asks, ‘My hair’s really thick, can you thin it out?’ they often think they want to reduce or remove the bulk of their haircut. ?It generally means to make the hair lighter ?– which is not always ?a good thing.”

He’s Grabbed A Bit Of Your Hair And Asked, “This Much?”

“Some people use that as a tool to gauge how much hair you want to cut off. But really, if your barber has talked to you properly about what you want beforehand, they’ll know that before they pick the scissors up.”

How So You Say, “You’ve Ruined My Hair, I Hate It”?

“If I was going to a barber and I was changing my look, I’d be armed with imagery of what I wanted. Then you can go, ‘That’s what I asked for, that isn’t it’ – it’s the easiest way to show they got it wrong.”

Are You Being Ripped Off?

“What you’re paying for is expertise and time. If you’re getting up to an hour with someone who’s got minimum five to six years’ experience and knows everything there is to know about cutting hair, then that’s invaluable.”